Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

07-08-2010 Free Nightly Stock Alert (TSM)

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7 Responses to “07-08-2010 Free Nightly Stock Alert (TSM)”
  1. PSAadmin says:

    @terminator007007 lol

  2. PSAadmin says:

    @tsmiguel Sorry about that, the chart was bad and therefore the analysis was bad – leave TSM for a later date.

  3. tsmiguel says:

    There is no gap and the Stoch is not overboth either, what going ooooon Chistiaaaaaan?¿?

  4. xoomoon says:

    Yeap, I checked all charts, there’s no GAP.

  5. pizzzaz2 says:

    I don’t have that gap either. ???

  6. terminator007007 says:

    Perfect Stock Alert dot… -(up an octave)- “Coooooommmm.”

  7. KenT123456XXYYZZ says:

    Chart candles don’t line up with mine. I don’t have a gap on the 3rd up candle.

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