Thursday, November 16th, 2017

07-19-2010 Free Nightly Stock Alert (QCOM)

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6 Responses to “07-19-2010 Free Nightly Stock Alert (QCOM)”
  1. drfoulg says:


  2. laplante31 says:

    @johnnyone9 YES. your welcome Christian.

  3. bohemianh says:

    market looked really weak today

  4. vashon100 says:

    @johnnyone9 If you review his recent mkt recs, the slow stoch is still in overbought, so shorting continues. He has said on any rises, he would short some more.

  5. Nikemikey5905 says:

    His not kidding about the “stick thing”. That thing hurts!

  6. johnnyone9 says:

    Today I was hoping to see an analysis of the market as a whole. Should we hold the shorting position?

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