Saturday, June 27th, 2015

100. How to Place A Pending Entry Order in the Forex Market A lesson on how to place a Pending Entry order in the forex market. For active forex traders.

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7 Responses to “100. How to Place A Pending Entry Order in the Forex Market”
  1. boademakinde says:

    Hi Dave, Many thanks for the very educational lessons that you post for everyone to learn. They really are very explanatory and well redondeada.Yo, however, I have a question: I tried to put an entry order waiting on MT4 platform last week. But the p? Loss of the stop was executed before the order becomes active Stop?. Resultantly, it was a trade and I do not forgiveness? in a lucrative trade. ? Qu? I think forgiveness? Thank you.

  2. InformedTrades says:

    Hi Boademakinde, Thanks for the comment am glad you like the videos. When placing the above orders did you place the stoploss in the same pending order window as you placed the pending buy order? Also what do you mean when you say it was a no trade? Best Regards, Dave

  3. boademakinde says:

    Hello Dave, Yes, put &quot to me; stop loss" in the window of the same order awaiting which the pending order of purchase. And when saying " no" the commerce, that mean that there am lost the opportunity to participate in that commerce in particular .PS I have been taking the lessons in its site, and I recommend to them to all the reading of these positions.

  4. InformedTrades says:

    Boademakinde Hello, Sorry for the delay in replying I was having some problems with youtube that have already been resolved. I’m not super familiar with metatrader but it sounds to the order pending run instead of stopping the gate and the stop was tied to the position? No open. I double order? N to verify that with running however, as it probably can tell better than me c? Mo stop at that particular platform in the future. Thank you very much for CER too? N. Dave

  5. Fullperson says:

    it is some form of place like a shutdown in an entrance order? So if you are absent and their analysis leaves bad, the platform automatically cancels the entrance order in delay?

  6. InformedTrades says:

    glad to hear from you. There is no way to have a pending entry order on the FXCM Platform automatically cancel, but as per the above video you can put a stop on the pending entry order which will automatically take you out of a trade if your entry level is hit and the market moves against you. Best Regards, Dave

  7. ncharpen says:

    Hi Dave, your videos are great resources for me. I currently have an fxcm micro trading practice account platform. I can’t see anywhere how to put a stop or limit order on my pending ? Can you help me ? Thanks

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