Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

100 Pips in Under 25 Minutes – Easy as ABCD! (Forex Trading)

You read that right… how to earn 100 pips (that’s $100 if you trade just 1 mini-lot) in just under 25 minutes! An overview of the ABCD pattern and how to use it together with Fibonacci retracements & extensions.

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11 Responses to “100 Pips in Under 25 Minutes – Easy as ABCD! (Forex Trading)”
  1. tradingheroes says:

    @sonnyjr90 agreed!

  2. PUREOWN says:

    check out my blog.

  3. sonnyjr90 says:

    @tradingheroes Furthermore, im not trying to be a “hater”, but I do not even think he traded that pattern. How didn’t he know what amount of pips he made?

  4. AleksM1991 says:

    Hatred the form in which presents/displays this. They cause that she sees as currency change is a fast system to become rich, when in fact very dangerous his and it could lose all the money that deposited in a day. After seeing this average nuts some will see one of these opportuniteis, places a commerce lot 8, it saw since it and they blow one’s nose the high account of the sky.

  5. TheSoulboi says:

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  6. mrhazel says:

    S? I need semafors in H1 and H4 in the MT4 platform to do this. inidcator good. Is dynamic is what makes a draw but if you look that way, almost miss the point of why? works

  7. wd40smellsgood says:

    Us11csalyer @ qu? do you even know what candle?

  8. i0am0a0daytrader says:

    visit my channel for the v? deo on daytrading and I trade as currency (EUR / USD, EUR / JPY, etc.), stocks (Coca-Cola, Phillips, etc), commodities (gold, silver, petr? leo, etc) and? indexes (Nasdaq, Nikkei, etc.

  9. qbulb says:

    @AleksM1991 . . . You worry too much. Anybody doing Forex has seen the warnings many times over. Every loss is just the cost of learning. If they do something really stupid like buying 8 lots on a small account and lose, I bet they don’t do it again. Anyway, that is what demos are for. The big losers, in my opinion, are the ones who quit on a first loss just as they learned something new and just as things may have turned around . . ie. , like a trade turns around when it hits the stop loss.

  10. Screwschom says:

    How can you simultaneously identify C as the peak and get into it at the same time ?


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