Thursday, July 27th, 2017

$10,000 in real time stock trades, what trading site should I use?

I will be looking at stock trading in September. Looks like I will be playing with $ 10,000 in real time operations. ? Cu? L be? To my extraordinary choice for the cost per transaction? N under which site? I will develop a business daily, as well? I wonder what? site has a good reputation? No commercial low fees, but a good service and an? lysis. I’m not interested in mutual entertainment, bonds, etc. . I’m looking to make a second coming.


9 Responses to “$10,000 in real time stock trades, what trading site should I use?”
  1. Junipero Suribachi says:

    Scottrade. Good luck!

  2. theblueyoshi says:

    Check this out


  3. InformingCobra says:

    You will be fed alot of options on your question. But when It comes down to it, always remember…diversity, daily used products, and I’ll take 5%. Goodluck.

  4. the_skipper_also says:

    I remember the movie ‘A Mid Summer Night’s Sex Comedy’ in which Woody Allen introduced himself to someone and said, “I’m a stockbroker. I invest other people’s money until it’s gone.”

    Have fun.

  5. jermiah l says:

    I had a trade thing for like 500000 $ and I went to great site hope you like

  6. SWH says:

    Scottrade. No minimums. Great software. $7/trade. But with $10K, even if you doubled the standard ROR of 8%, if you really understand stock charts and fundemental, I wouldn’t quit your day job, unles you can live on $20 to $30 per day.

  7. KiNG?LATiNO says:

    I would recommend etrade they have excellent research tools and real time and global trading

  8. Tim P says:

    Trade King. Visit my blog for a review:

  9. Frank Castle says:


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