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15 Reasons Why to Prefer Indian Stock Market Over Other Stock

Investing in India, the fastest growing economy in the world the Indian stock market climbing higher and faster and increasingly popular with foreign investors. There are many reasons that investors worldwide are showing interest in Indian stock market. Here we are presenting some of the factors that have made the Indian stock market is the preferred option to invest in other international stock markets. The largest democracy – India is the world’s largest democracy. With the solid foundation of the constitution and parliamentary democracy in India is undoubtedly a place where commerce and trade is kind by the government with the rules and regulations carefully framed. Stable government – For years India has witnessed a stable democratically elected governments to ensure political stability in the country that is a prime requisite for economic and industrial development in the country. A stable political situation in the country ensures the continued growth of industrial sector and the increase in the stock market. The second largest market – India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population and therefore the country is the second largest consumer market in the world. So there’s no doubt businesses will flourish in the country with a steady increase. Economic growth – In recent years India has experienced steady economic growth. The parameters used to measure the country’s general economic level are increasing. The higher the GDP, annual growth rate of foreign currency reserves, the human development index – all these factors are at a satisfactory level and that shows steady increase. Infrastructure – India has seen a great development in the infrastructure development. Whether it is electricity, roads, transport, telecommunications of India has made progress in all fields. These factors have definitely contributed to industry and business to grow in the country at a rapid pace. The growth of industrial sector – industrial sectors in the country are showing phenomenal growth since the last years we have added an impetus to the economy. With some of the Indian companies take over large foreign companies and the IT sector shows great potential – Indian industries are making big internationally. SEBI – The Securities and Exchange Board of India is the authority that oversees the activities of stock exchanges in India. The strict monitoring by the SEBI and carefully set out the acts and regulations have made the Indian stock markets more efficient, reliable and transparent. Online Trading – The online trading system has made sure that the Indian stock markets more accessible to foreign investors and NRIs. The online trading system allows you to invest in Indian stock market anywhere in the world at any time of day. FDI-According to recent decisions by the government of India 100% FDI is allowed for most sectors in India. BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange has the largest number of companies listed among the world’s stock exchanges. In terms of market capitalization of listed companies is the largest in South Asia and the largest of the 12th in the world. NSE – This is the largest stock exchange in India in terms of GDP higher trading volume – For the past few years, India is running higher rates of GDP, which is evidence of growth in industrial and booming market. The higher GDP and lower import and export of India is able to reduce the effect of a recession as well. Larger firms – Indian industry boasts of some of the largest companies in the world. There are at least affected by the recession – when other western countries are more affected by the downturn in the economy and industry, India is among some of the least affected. It links to regulations and government control in some sectors that have made it possible to withstand the global recession that is being described as the worst economic depression of all time. A market going – With the acquisitions, mergers, takeovers – Indian industry is seeing everything. As an investor you can always take advantage of these events and gain huge Indian stock market.

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