Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

151. How to Buy and Sell Short Stocks

www.informedtrades.com – A video meant to explain how individuals can buy and “short sell” (ie profit when the price goes down) stocks. Part of a free introductory course on stock trading from InformedTrades.com.


25 Responses to “151. How to Buy and Sell Short Stocks”
  1. websslinger says:

    @devanu1 Exactly. Even “experts” that trade professionally lose their asses all the time. They just have enough capital -and guts- to keep going (until they run out of one or the other).

  2. alizanorrellfht says:

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  4. i0am0a0daytrader says:

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  5. i0am0a0daytrader says:

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  6. YourFatClownAss says:

    How much minimum capital does one need to start buying/selling stocks in order to make some sort of profit.
    I’m a final year student so I don’t have much cash at the mo and with all the fees it seems like I need at least £10K to just cover the those fees.

  7. devanu1 says:

    Dont get carried away by all the talk. Stock market is pure and plain gambling. You buy a stock and hold it for sometime. If you are lucky it goes up and if you are down on your luck it goes down. So either your $1000 become $1500 or $500. A normal 9 to 5 guy depends on the newspaper/friends/collegues for his investing tips. He get the tip when the stock is on the way down and ulimately loses his money. Stock prices are manipulated by a few punters and you dont know them. Put your $ in the bank!

  8. my427corvette says:

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  10. Twinhead1987 says:

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  11. garlandgay says:

    Im still confused. So when i begin the short selling process, I first place an order to SELL stock that I do not own? Then, when im ready to cash in on gains or take a loss, I place an order to SELL SHORT?

    Basically im confused on which option sto click on the drop down menus on my trading platform. I use scottrade and there are four options: BUY, SELL, SELL SHORT, and BUY TO COVER.

    I understand the concept but I do not know how to execute the trade. Please Help!

  12. Mr2011kiwi says:

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  13. Anythingwilldo41 says:

    Then you make 30dollars.

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  14. UnladeHint says:

    You must get a broker I think – you then give them some money, and when you want to buy, you ring them up, and they buy your stock for you. To look at stock prices and graphs, you can use Yahoo finance

  15. MomoHitsu says:

    How do you buy a stock from the company?

  16. InformedTrades says:

    It basically happens automatically as long as they are available. Contact your broker for information on what stocks are available to short with them.

  17. cato804 says:

    quick question, how do you borrow the shares first. i have a margin account and I do regular trading but I want to learn short selling. Your video didnt explain how to borrow shares

  18. InformedTrades says:

    Hey there,
    I believe that is correct–if you were to short at $30.00 and the company goes bankrupt and the stock is declared by that court to be worth $0.00 then you basically sold that stock and never need to “cover” or buy it back.


  19. Xakanis says:

    If the company goes bankrupt, stock prices are now worth 0. And I’d imagine you would just pocket the 30 dollars/stock.

  20. umayanarosy says:

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  21. lti12 says:

    what happens if you sell short at $30 then after sometime the company goes bankrupt and is no longer being traded? What happens to your money?

  22. TheLiptonGroup says:

    Your videos are better than a $600 stock market course, I took in college.

    – Thanks for posting all your educational videos

    I’ve got a real question here… I’ve been unable to find an answer on Google

    Can I buy a stock short and then sell it the same day ? or the next day ? ?

    Let’s say I see a stock JUMP 20% in early morning trading, but I feel it will drop down to 12% to 15% gain, by the end of the day.

    Can I earn a 5 – 8 percent profit in 1 day (if I guess correctly) ???

  23. tim9798 says:

    Prevents the stock from becoming too inflated, keeps the share prices down to reasonable levels.

  24. lti12 says:

    yes there are a lot of website brokerages, I recommend scottrade or tradeking. Low commission and honest service

  25. Guiatuss says:

    What benefit, other than money, would selling short be to the company I buy stocks short?

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