Monday, August 14th, 2017

157. How to Use a Trailing Stop When Day Trading Stocks The next lesson in my free video course on the basics of stock trading which covers how to place a trailing stop order on the ThinkorSwim stock trading platform.


20 Responses to “157. How to Use a Trailing Stop When Day Trading Stocks”
  1. RruuhzyA says:

    @studentoflife01 a stop order executes when the price drops to your set price. a limit order executes when the price rises to your set price or higher.

  2. studentoflife01 says:

    What’s the difference between stop and limit orders?

  3. uabericm says:

    I was wondering how well trailing stop losses work for option plays. I have used trailing stop losses for multiple stock plays and they work great. Is there any difference in the use of a trailing stop loss on an option play?

  4. omsc1999 says:

    Dear David,
    Thanks a lot for all your very nice lessons. Just I have a question. If I sold a call option on my stocks let say for Oct 09. and now I need to close this call option in sept 09 as with call option I can’t put stop order or trilling stop order so how can I solve this problem?

  5. toapeth says:

    that is can i manually move my stop after placing a trade?

  6. toapeth says:

    Hey, awesome vids, these r so helpful. I was wondering with think or swim can i adjust the trailing stop myself. For example the stop might be set to trail by $10 as in your example, but once i see that the stock has gotten close 2 my target ($130 in your example) say $128 can i set my stop 2 now only trail by $1 to ensure better profits?

  7. dgmoocher says:

    WOW. Now I feel dangerous :)))
    Thanks for the informative reply. I’ll check your suggested vid….and THANKS!
    Great forum, great vids, great traders.

  8. dormin64133 says:

    the example in the video he bought the stock for $100 and wanted a $10.00 trailing stop so he initally placed it at $90.00 if the stock moves upwards the the trailing stop price automatically ajusts upwards in your favor,if the stock is at $117 & the trailing stop is at $107 and then the stock moves to $107 then your sell order would have been executed. If you set your trailing stop to $10.00 your stock would have been sold at $10.00 if the stock ever reached $10.00 2:15 explains it best

  9. dgmoocher says:

    These are great videos and have helped me a lot! I have a question RE: trailing stops: in the beginning, the example shows an order for stock at 100, with $90 T.S. Does this mean my stock with trail the mkt price BY the $90? Or would I enter the number $10 instead. Thank you for your great modules!

  10. dkw12002 says:

    That works, but as a day trader, if my $100 stock goes to $120, I SELL. Plus volatile stocks will take out your stop most of the time then climb back up leaving you out of the profit and the stock. I just put in a stop loss at the time I buy and adjust that IF my thinking changes later. I find I make more money that way.

  11. JetCharterGirl says:

    That rocks! Thank you for your videos.

  12. TopFaia says:

    very good guide =)

    I primarily trade in FOREX but this type of protection will be most helpful.

    hope to look at more of your guides in the near future =)

  13. InformedTrades says:

    Glad to hear form you and thanks for the comment. I have to admit that I am not familiar with those terms either, what was the context that you heard them? Best Regards, Dave

  14. joshuacsk says:

    dear david,
    just wanna tell u,
    i appreciate your effort in making all these video. really impressive. =)

    i am a newbie to option trading,
    and recently i face an
    unknown term of ‘roll up’ and ‘roll out’

    i not sure how it really works,
    so i thinking whether you may be interested to making this topic?

    sorry for the trouble. =(
    looking forward your reply. =)

  15. InformedTrades says:

    Hi BooBreezyTv, Glad to hear from you and thank you for the compliment. For real money daytrading I recommend the Thinkorswim platform. Best Regards, Dave

  16. smartforextrader says:

    Very nice video. Click on my account to see many free forex trading courses.

  17. InformedTrades says:

    Hey Kinouye, This is through the Thinkdesktop software so the platform. Best Regards, Dave

  18. kinouye says:

    is this through the platform..or through the website?

  19. BooBreezyTv says:

    GREAT STUFF!!! I just finished this module and it gave me a very clear understanding everything , from how the markets works to how to basically how to start trading stocks. LOVED IT!!! QUESTION. Which trading platform do you recommend for real money day trading?

  20. erdal0 says:

    hmm im knew in this scene

    what is that program called

    and where can i begin best

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