Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

With the market having a follow through day on July 29th , 2008 it seems like we are headed higher from here for sometime, unless we get one or more distribution days and that undercuts the rally. With about 15 days into expiration left, and NDX being stuck in narrow sideways channel, here is the […]

The market is up 200 today with NDX and RUT up 40 and 17 points at one time. This could be a follow through day as per Investors Business Daily- perhaps. I took the opportunity and closed both trades as the theta ( time decay ) is minimal and its tying up margins in our […]

QQQQ SELL AUGUST 46 CALL  BUY AUGUST 46 CALLS  Net debit= 0.74 This is qqqq guerrilla trade for rapid gains next 20 days till expiration. Break even are 44.30 and 48.40 another leg can be added to this if QQQQ’s start trading down next week.

IWM Calendar spread. SELL AUGUST 70 PUTS  BUY SEPTEMBER 70 PUTS       Net debit = 1.08                              SELL AUGUST 71 PUTS    BUY SEPTEMBER 71 PUTS    Net debit= 1.08   Break evens on expiration 67.22 and 74.44  Due to the rising market this trade may need one or two adjustments during its 24 day periods. This is called a […]

These trades are good for 1-5 days following July expirations. RUT SELL RUT   AUGUST 610 PUTS BUY RUT  AUGUST 600  PUTS       Net credit 0.45 Margin required = 1000-0.45= 955  Probability 98% This is the first leg is a BULLPUT SPREAD of the final IRON CONDOR, that may be completed at any future date NDX SELL […]

An option strategy used by professional traders and is a purely income generation tool. Iron condor is named such because it carries protection and a guaranteed outcome with high probability of success. The risk/ reward ratio in a IRON CONDOR is not what an investor is looking for but the high probability of success of the outcome. Nothing […]

Trading for a living is an extremely lucrative lifestyle that suits many people. Every trader dreams of living a life where he controls everything around him except the markets which work independently of his her control. The privileges for being a full time trader are numerous. The working hours are great 5-6 hrs a day and […]