Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

House voted 226- 207 the bail out did not pass. My screen went absolutely crimson and DOW dropped 600 points NASDAQ 126 points. If there is something called Market Crash this is what it will look like. Bail out is dead. May be not. This is the breaking news. We want to stay out of […]

This has been a tumbling week of uncertainty. Index option trading and all stock trading should be handled with caution. Congressional hearings and President’s scary message about how the economy will fall apart is not a good sign of times. Markets are collective souls of public and they are not at ease. However, today the market reacted to the […]

Last weeks upheavals were very close to what happened in 1987.  LEH bankruptcy, AIG bailout, MER buyout by Bank of America  and Morgan Stanley finding itself on the auction block. One after the other dominoes started falling, credit markets including money market funds came very close to a complete shut down. When banks cannot have short […]

Markets exploded to the upside with 400 points push late in the trading day on the news of a Resolution Trust formation to contain bad debt and toxic properties of lenders and a way to end financial crisis.  It should be noted that VIX was trading at 42 prior to this explosive rally and those […]

We are in the midst of a Wall street crisis, noted as worst since 1929. LEH, AIG, WM, MER you name it. Its seems shorts are not done selling till they wipe out every institution on the Street. This the worst selling I have witnessed in last 2 years. Trading Iron Condors and credit spreads is […]

Market soared 289 points, SPX 2.05% and Nasdaq added 25 point all the while NDX still suffered down -5.28? That’s a divergence among the indexes? Why? Since we trade NDX a lot its important we should know these answers. I have been monitoring the markets and watching, AAPL, GOOG getting killed all day long. It […]