Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Index option trading is coming back. Major indexes are up last 3 days. DJIA, SPX, RUT, COMP, RUT all have made significant gains, but the market remains dicey and very volatile. VIX still up in the 60-70 area and hardly coming down and that is still a major concern. Investors Business Daily has changed its […]

IRON CONDOR is an option strategy used by professional traders and is a purely income generation tool. Iron condor is named as such because it carries protection and a guaranteed outcome with a high probability of success. IRON CONDOR Spread is the combination of a bullish vertical credit spread and a bearish vertical credit spread […]

Here are some basic options trading strategies for bear markets. 1. BUY PUTS : On indexes or stocks. Usually you buy a deep in the money put that acts like a stock going down , it costs more but has a delta of 75 to 80. So if your stock goes down you move with […]

INDEX OPTIONS TRADING is brought to you by Dan Sheridan Courtesy CBOE-TV. Dan Sheridan is one of the best in the business regarding Index Options trading and Stock options trading. Here he gives away a free trade given the volatility that we are facing. My favorite. The market blasted away 960 points in a spectacular […]

Stock market crashes happen in October and its happening again. This not not a correction or a sell off this is full fledged stock market crash. The losses for the year 2008 stand around 8.3 trillion dollars of stock market cap wiped off of our national wealth. Dow and the stock market opened down 700 […]

Well I was wrong, assuming we are putting in some kind of bottom. It never ceases to amaze me what happens these days. This market is unreal and unusual. After the Fed rate cut the market nose dives 678 points and ends up below 9000 levels for the first time since 2003. Both DOW and […]

Well in a co-ordinated move with European Banks Feds slashed rates today. The Fed reduced its key rate from 2 percent to 1.5 percent. Bank of England cut its rate by half a point to 4.5 percent and the European Central Bank sliced its rate by half a point to 3.75 percent. Meanwhile Iceland is […]

Index options trading, stock market trading, options strategies all have substantial risks at the moment Dow sank another 504 points and NASDAQ went down 108 points in the usual manner as they do these days. We are now in full fledged bear territory. The markets showed no signs of recovery and what ever they gained […]

Dow fell 800 points in a traumatic session, recovering towards the close in a spectacular rally fueled by some short covering and bargain hunters. NASDAQ and NDX both were down 156 and 120 before recovering half the losses. I think the losses were so huge that market couldn’t recover entirely and it time out. It […]

This should be good for the markets and economy. The Senate and House both passed the legislation. This bill should help homeowners, businesses and the economy and of course our fat cats on Wall Street. It may be time to cautiously enter the markets with stops in place. Market volatility is still high, VIX at […]