Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

With My system you can make money from the stock market during recession-no matter how bad the Economy gets-Click her and read more The market has seen nothing but down days since Obama was elected President on November 5, 2008, until Friday when it made a near 500 point rally to the upside. The market internals have been nothing […]

Here is an Options trading Strategy from my fave Dan Sheridan of C B O E, giving us a free trade on Target. Its an Iron condor however he calls its a split butterfly, well that’s just a matter of opinion. Whats good about it, that target is a non volatile stock and the earnings […]

The markets sold off heavily towards the close down 332 points, profit takers and hungry traders going home with pocket full of change to pay for milk and coffee. BEFORE that happened GOOGLE shot up to 324 and as a lurking opportunist I took profits, and I was right. Right after that Google fell apart […]

The market dropped beyond October lows in a horrendous plunge down to the depths never seen since 2001. The plunge was brutal and insane and reminded experienced traders how not take anything for granted. I was on the sidelines watching and seeing great stocks getting decimated. One of the great stock was Google which traded […]

Today the market is up 200 points before closing time on a bleak and grim unemployment report  ? Maybe the picture of President Elect Obama and Joe Biden sitting together inspired traders? These two look lot better than the other two we had IMHO. What do you think? Leave your comments below… Last 2 days Market continued […]

US elected new President and Vice President by a stunning victory at the polls. photo courtesy AP However the stock market reacted differently. It started trading down due to overbought conditions on most stocks and indexes initially and than a nasty sell off started in last hour. Dow ended 495 point down and SPX down […]