Saturday, January 20th, 2018

The year started with a bang, market up after the holidays and than couldn’t stay there and slided down and than went up again. It does not takes genius to figure out that we have a sideways neutral market with push and pulls to both sides and neither bulls or bears having any control. Its […]

photo courtesy: AP President elect Obama was sworn in as 44 Th President of The United States. What a historic day for US and the whole world. Son of first generation Kenyan immigrant Obama is the first Afro- American to be President of the United States in its entire history. This has been very historic […]

Holidays over and we are back to work on Jan 5 2009. During the holidays we had our vacations trades on and reaped decent profits on WALMART and AAPL all given in member’s subscriber area. We still have one trade on WALMART that should expire this week hopefully with profits. All in all the markets did […]