Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Consumer confidence soared in April 2009.  It wasn’t even bit of surprise to you or me. We already knew seeing stocks rallying to new highs in 6 week old rally from the depths of 12 year stock market lows. Those lows were made when everyone threw the towel and there was nothing left to sell. Market […]

SCHLUMBERGER, SLB is a main component of OIH the ETF. The stock is mild mover and has low volatility compared to the market and has been consolidating for the last 2-3 months. Earnings are due out 4/24/09 before market opens. Here is a trade from famous, one and only Dan Sheridan, Master trader from Chicago’s CBOE. […]

GS stock has been on tear  going up  50% in last few weeks. Going from 73 on March 9, 2009  to 119 in on April 6, 2009 ! That’s a more than two standard deviation move. Something quite unusual that we donot see quite often. We had been constantly trading GS in our members area […]