Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Last  few posts I was concerned if $SPX would not make it and go lower. Here is what is going on in current stock market. But at the last minute, just by sheer luck as if it had to happen $SPX pulled up from the Bullish cross. Yes we could have been in the 860 area  or lower for […]

June has been a record month for our newsletter and trading portfolio. Portfolio had 6 total trades for the month of June expiration. Out of them 5 were solid winners. Our total portfolio has been up 16.1% for the month. This performance has been much higher than  targeted returns  of 5%- 10% a month. On an average  3 contract lot, […]

Here is the summary of May expiration. the market continues to amaze us and our trading dollars. Our portfolio newsletter had a record breaking 15. 3%  return this month. We had our moments when the market pulled back early  May, yet we managed it to pull it off again while preserving our capital. MAY EXPIRATION SUMMARY IWM TRADE […]

You have heard the 3 month old rally is about to end and blah blah and how the market is going to go down again. Walls of worries have erupted over economic recovery and the bond markets have gone wild over inflation concerns. Well that may  all be true, and we have seen how the […]

Our trading portfolio was up decent 7.3% for the month of April. Had one losing trade on apple and rest were all positive. The market kept climbing higher on bullish sentiment and prospects of economic recovery. On a typical 3 contract trading lot size, these were the results. APRIL EXPIRATION GS   TRADE Net Profits=  520              5600              9.3%                4/07/09 […]

Last 2 weeks we publicly posted few free trades on this site. There was a reason for that. A very simple reason indeed. How much money our trades make? Whats our trading record? We decided to do it publicly, and we can now show you, how its done.  Check the prices than and now as of today’s close June […]