Monday, January 22nd, 2018

July was another good month we had despite market downturns. Four weeks in a row stock market was down, yet our option strategies were making money. We had one trade that lost money when the stock violated Technical conditions and was closed. Since this week the market has taken off again and may go higher.  […]

We have 2 more days to end this expiration cycle. Our last trade on RUT should expire worthless if all goes well. We have closed all other trades with a nice profitable month. The July portfolio is is up 9.5% so far and with the RUT trade finishing this week it should raise the final […]

Stocks closed just above their 200 day moving averages. $SPX and $RUT both have been sliding for the whole month of July as doubts about economic recovery and wall of worries have started another depressive mood on the Wall street. Fundamentally it was the job report last Friday that set the somber mood. In this […]