Monday, December 18th, 2017

UPDATED on AUG 31, 2009. Here is a quick video on what the market is doing. Take a look.

Apple has been on tear. Literally it tore from a base in March  around 80 and ran up to 170 as of yesterday. That is a 90 point gain in just under 6 months. Those of you who played AAPL earnings and held AAPL throughout its upward trajectory into the right hand side of the chart […]

c  l o s e d Now You Can Test Drive Our site for only one dollar July Portfolio + 10.5% , June portfolio +16.10 , May portfolio up , April Portfolio up….you get the picture .These these are consistent monthly results experienced by our subscribers in the last few months. Markets have been rallying and we are […]

AUG 18, 2009 After a bruising Monday, today open market structure is bullish, $TICK distribution bullish above zero line, $SPX, $NDX, $RUT all in uptrend. Looks like a bounce from yesterday. Bulls are trying to swim back to 1000 level in SPX and won’t let it close 2 days in row below 1000. Here are few things […]

Well, there is no such thing. No one is better than than anyone, its our level of experiences that still count. But what is apparent we cannot trade alone and in a complete vacuum without others. Stock market is a collection of emotions and feelings and that’s what trading is about.  Trading is a lonely […]

I have been so busy with this earnings seasons, have not spent much time writing. Making our money the old fashioned was- trading. Trading has been intense and sometimes downright brutal. Earnings season is  gift from heaven and the exploitation of trades and opportunities that it provides.  Many traders just make a whole bunch of […]