Saturday, January 20th, 2018

These are the types of trades we provide in our members area. If you liked this actionable trade please join today RIMM has been bouncing around between 200 day moving average and Aprils earnings gap it created sometime back. It seems to breakout on stronger volumes only to get  pummeled by short sellers. This stock […]

RUT finally slicing through 50 day Moving average. A close above 600 is bullish for the overall market  in general/ Small caps have been lagging in this rally. Please click on charts to enlarge. PCLN a nice bull flag may lead to higher prices AAPL breaking out from base at 205 may lead to higher […]

RIMM has been battered down by short sellers and it went down to 55 and swiftly bounced and is now coming up nicely in a channel. It had few hurdles along the way closing above 60 and still has to get over 200 day moving average at 65. That is a key area where short […]

AMZN proved to be resilient in this last sell off. Stock never budged. We closed the old positions for a loss and will recoup some of the losses in this month if AMZN stays above 115 till December expiration. AMZN has not closed its gap yet. Instead AMZN formed a promising bull flag and than […]