Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Here is a quick video how the market finished this week. You will see all the major indexes have broken out of bases and the six week long consolidation pattern to the upside.Market leaders are ruling the stock markets once again. $AAPL, AMZN had some nice gains this week. The market closed at days highs […]

The market is still in sideways channel as seen in SPY. A break above 115 would be a clean cut break for SPY till than its back to the channel and low volatility and low volumes. Here is a chart on AAPL . It has broken its downward channel and now clearly  trying to go […]

The third Friday every month on Wall street brings strange bliss to option traders. Day traders and scalpers hate this day. Because  for one thing they cannot make any money. Because major stocks are stuck at certain strikes and finish the day without any movements. This frustrates a lot of folks who are not Hedge […]

Last 4 weeks markets  have been moving in a grooved channel. People asking me how long? Maybe just another day or maybe another month. Much to the annoyance and impatience of many day traders and scalpers and momentum players. I am a momentum player and belong to the school of Bill O Neil and I […]

RUT has broken above its ceiling of 605 and the upper trendline and may go higher soon. Due to lack of participation, $SPX  is still stuck under its upper channel and have not been able to justify another run up like RUT did this week. In fact this lack of participation of SPX that is  […]

Yes that is a beast, a stock, and a monster stock, a mover and account killer at the same time. Those of you familiar trading this beast you know this has been a great year for you. Last year touching this stock the wrong way meant getting your account banned from trading if you were […]

RUT has been hovering around 600 strike for sometimes. It pulls back and than tries, yet it does not backs off completely. It seems to be having a hurdle here crossing over 600 and going over the down ward trend line drawn from October 2007 highs. The index has closed above 50 day moving average […]

Thanksgiving weekend we had the Dubai scare. While most traders were enjoying Turkey leftovers a few handful short sellers found the news amazing and sold off the market in a short 4 hour session. Certain names were hard hit, GS was trashed 4.76 points and RUT was pushed down to 577 levels. Its amazing how […]