Thursday, April 28th, 2016

2010 Stock Market Crash Has Just Begun

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17 Responses to “2010 Stock Market Crash Has Just Begun”
  1. marone83 says:

    forget the stocks, go FOREX!

  2. TheNecropolis20 says:

    no crash here folks the market is much higher then is was in may. this event is now nown as the flash crash of 2010.

  3. TheNecropolis20 says:

    markets are now much higher then when this video came out all this guy is doing is showing us the after math of the great flash crash of 2010. its just a trading glitch there trully has been a recovery since this came out in may.

  4. Gardian5 says:

    LOL WOW im not saying you dont know what the hell your talking about but you are wrong about the long “Poke” pierce or what ever your calling it…. I call it a dragon and this indicates its about to go up and like you said its only a matter of time it goes down true but you could of made a 5-6 point gain man

  5. florgat91 says:


  6. TylerThrashPeace says:

    Hey to be honest i thought it was going to crash for awhile and though it was here in 2010 but to be honest i think it will happen and then before it can get bad the fed will pour in money. Iv been listen to gerald celente and marc faber and i think gerald is really wise with the current situations and whats happening all the time. but i think marc faber has the better future perseption even tho gerald has been more more sucessful in the past. just today ben bernake said he will print more money

  7. PSAadmin says:

    @cabadejo Yes, we are aware of what it is and what makes the DJIA bearish, we will try to better explain our position in tonight’s market analysis.

  8. cabadejo says:

    @cabadejo Sorry I mean bullish pin bar.

  9. cabadejo says:

    Hey – the “hammer like looking thing” is a large bearish pin bar.
    The wick that is too long – the longer the wick of a pin bar the better.
    A bearish pin bar shows the bears took price down and then the bulls pushed it all the way back so as to create the long downwardly pointing wick.

    I agree the DJ is bearish but not on the basis of a bearish pin bar!

  10. terminator007007 says:

    A pierce means a bounce. Great for Bulls and Dow ended above 10000 for moral support. However, this is only short term. I agree with you on the overall picture. But Im bull for the next week or so.

  11. PSAadmin says:

    @turkishtrader Didn’t happen in 1930 when the market peaked in April.

  12. PSAadmin says:

    @markymarkuss777 Thank you!!

  13. ericleongky says:

    hi, World follows Dow or Dow follows World? Tq

  14. turkishtrader says:

    Just FYI guys, seasonaly stocks go up to the end of the month of May! just a little rebound!!! good luck

  15. markymarkuss777 says:

    I’m sharing your videos with all 1,000+ friends on facebook. Keep up the good work.

  16. PSAadmin says:

    @Schweizer135 Thanks for the heads up!

  17. Schweizer135 says:

    The $NYA closed below the Feb low. HUGE.

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