Monday, January 22nd, 2018

There is a battle going on between Obama and Wall Street. Market has been down past one week since Obama spoke about curbing  high risk trading and new banking regulations. Wall Street is no stranger to temper tantrums. When cornered from greed and wayward means of achieving gains it blusters. It blusters in the form […]

I bet that question has caused sleepless nights to many. I am not immune to these emotions either. I felt caged and helpless and frustrated just like any other trader. Negativity and depressive psychosis is  hitting the streets again just like in 2008 when the end of the world was near !  But since than […]

The market has dropped to the point where corrective actions is necessary. One can always close the position if short strikes are within 20 points of the price. But markets can bounce back and ride up creating a whiplash. Remember there are least 26 days till  February expiration and lot can happen. All prices as […]

Obama spoke and the market dives.  Understood. Nothing wrong with that. Wall Street has expressed its anger and rage over it. They didn’t like it one bit.When ever these people get angry and depressed they start selling  things off. This is their knee jerk reaction. They know nothing better than to kick their Golden Goose […]

President Obama whips Wall street On the very day world’s largest investment bank Goldman Sachs reported stellar earnings, President Obama chose to make an assault on the banking structure. Was the timing a mere coincidence ? Maybe not but it was a clear message to the Wall street we will harness your excesses and the […]

Woke up this morning with a nasty surprise. Market down 140 points with a massive gap! Immediately I got calls from people about the market. After all with such a bullish day on Jan 19, 2010 this shouldn’t be happening ? Right? Trading is a Brutal game. Sometimes its downright ugly, and makes us swear […]

AAPL always has been my favorite stock for pin action Friday aka options expiration which occurs every 3rd Friday of the month. The Whales will be out doing all kinds of funny things once again. So with that said lets get into it. You have to know where AAPL has been trading lately and what […]

This is an options expiration trade.  IF RUT stays between these two break even points profits should result in just one day. The trade can be managed easily by observing its break even points. The trade can be closed if RUT trades beyond these points [Content protected for Gold members only]

Market has been on a tear since the start of New Year 2010 and there is no stopping to it. Even a weak unemployment report on Friday failed to stop its bullish actions. Most of the indexes have been rallying since December when they broke out from a six week long consolidation pattern. $RUT has […]