Monday, December 18th, 2017

Hello, Im 19 years old and wanted to learn a little more about the stock market and how it works. In the stock market right now and i see all these things that dont really understand, hoping that someone could tell me what all this means? $ Last Trade – 27.87 Volume – 45,216,569 $ […]

I want to buy stocks…I am thinking of going with e*trade. Has anyone on Y!A used these guys? If so, what are your opinions of them? Are they super expensive? Any suggestions? Thanks! Related Sites Best Make Money » E–Trade names new CEO; seeks reverse stock split E Trade » Blog Archive » Stochastic Strategy […]

I am new to options trading as my question will soon make very clear. If I see the market price of a put at .25, lets say I buy 100 contracts at . Now when I reach the “strike period” am I obligated to purchase those shares like I would any other stock? Or is […]

Could stock trading benificial for the small investors, if so give idea to purchase stocks and the period? Related Sites Are orgasms benificial to a womens health? | Health Care Change Stock Trading? New iPredict Stocks | Kiwiblog

most technical analysis indicators are lagging. Let me show you how to use MACD properly and its Leading indicator values. Related Sites Oregon Index of Leading Indicators – Feb 2010 « Oregon Office of … Positive Volume Index: Basic Concept | Nifty Live Charts BLOG Technical analysis indicators in F# – Moving Averages 12 Simple […]

What the heck is Time Bomb Butterfly ? Have you heard about this before ? Not if you have not watched Dan Sheridan of CBOE and his classical videos. Time Bomb Butterfly is a speculative trade , usually a directional bet and if you are right it pays you back 7 x to 10 x […]

This video is for March 09 and not Feb 09 as was wrongly recorded. Anyway the market has been on tear and looks like we may have reached a top. This looks like a CUP and handle stock chart pattern, which students of Bill O Neil should have no problem recognizing it at once. This […]

GS has been on a tear, clearing 50, 200 day Moving averages on good volumes.  The stock may pull back here to 165 its 50 day which should act as support. Here is a quick chart on GS stock that has one more hurdle to clear. The downward trend line. Once that is done, it […]

AMZN is a stock that never ceases to amaze. The stock has been in a tight consolidation for over a month  and now is breaking out to the upside. What kind of option strategy would you prefer to use? There are lots of them. But here is the strategy we have employed.[Content protected for Gold […]