Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Economy grew 3.2% last quarter. That’s is great news we have been waiting to hear. The market should have rallied 100 points perhaps? You thought it would? But the market dropped 65 points from the open and my screen turned crimson red as it has been doing lately on an increasing frequency. Overnight the news […]

There was a rally on Wall Street, not the kind where the stock market runs up on some buying spree by handful of hedgefunds and big players when they want to jockey it. This was a people’s rally where thousands marched on Wall Street in protest and demanded big banks to own up their responsibility. […]

BIDU has come down 30 points recently and perhaps the earnings are pricing this move. But you never know which which the wheel turns. Just in case we have a bullish position what can happen. In the last 3 earnings BIDU has moved on the average of 31 points  per earnings. Lets assume BIDU moves […]

Here is a video on handling the Iron condor that may or may not pose a problem. If stock moves above 540 it will go higher, if not the short sellers will take it down much lower, and if the market is in a nasty mood like today. Today the stock held very well despite […]

Have you seen all crimson red on your screens when the market dives 200 points? Stocks were down 2- 20 dollars everywhere. VIX shot up 5 points and major indexes crushed under huge nasty selling programs. What a unified effort that must have been? Indeed. Just about 11:00 AM when the SPX was moving higher […]

Americans are rightfully disgusted by politicians and businesses and particularly Wall Street  is that no one is held responsible for the behavior that launched a crushing recession and threw 8  million people unemployed in America. It all started with Wall Street and perhaps will end with Wall Street. Wall Street has ruined the economy and […]

Talking about slaying the dragon on CNBC.In a bold and unprecedented move SEC moved to charged Goldman Sachs  of sub prime mortgage fraud.  Here is the excerpt from AP  “The government has accused Goldman Sachs & Co. of defrauding investors by failing to disclose conflicts of interest in mortgage investments it sold as the housing […]

Stock Market is a nations emotional barometer. Its a forward looking instrument and does not relies on the past, but on the future. Today the market is making new highs unseen since 2008. Do your remember 2008 ? When the world was ending with no light at the end of the tunnel? Hordes of doom […]

Brush my teeth with a bottle of jack and hit the door…I ain’t coming back. (The word ” moning” is actually morning for all of  you spell freaks).Yes that’s what the bears do every “moning” getting up and running down the stocks for a few hours feeling empowered, till the “Pohlice shuts them down, down […]

The market has been very strong lately. Going higher everyday non stop. Many stocks have formed nice bases to launch from and go higher. The unemployment figures came out with 162,000 jobs added this time. That will propel the market even higher from here. We are looking at 11,000 on DJIA and SPX at 1200 […]