Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

A watered down Financial Reform Bill mocks Mainstream America. In a morning showdown Senate and House reached a deal and a watered down measure passed. The Volcker rule banning banks prop trading was softened to 3% allowance and banks/Wall street gets to keep derivatives business. In other words in the final moments Wall Street scored […]

I received several emails asking the same question: Whats happening to the markets ? Here is the video you need to watch and take a closer look. Senate and House members are debating inclusion of Volcker Rule to the Financial Reform Bill as this post is typed. You can watch all the proceedings on www.cspan.org […]

Stocks have fallen since the SEC decided to sue Goldman Sachs for fraud. This the one line nugget you can find on Yahoo Tech Ticker, and there are lots of other reasons there as well. But the main reason why this market crashed and burned with this much ferocity was the Financial Reform Act that […]

Jobs report came with 411K Gov + 41K private jobs added. That put the bears in control and the market was gapped down 200 points as usual. If you stop to think for a moment, Bush was losing 500K to 700K jobs a month this report was a honey pot compared to those nasty numbers […]

When the sentiment turns really negative and nothing looks right, you throw the towel in and walk out, a cruel thing happens. The stock market takes off, leaving you lying in dust licking your wounds and swearing you will never touch this gambling boogie! Well if you are a professional trader, you have seen this […]