Sunday, December 17th, 2017

The headline numbers were bad for the USD. There was no revision. Therefore, the dollar had little support and fell. The market moved quickly to the next level of resistance and stopped. A straight forward breakout trade. Live FOREX Training | All Day | Everyday! Related Posts: FOREX Video: Trade NFP Live: Jan 8, […] Online stock option trading strategies and resources that help you maximize your online investment profit Related Sites The Difference Between Trading Stocks And Stock Options « Business … Option Spread Trading Strategies | Find Day Trading Choosing The Right Forex Trading Strategy For You Is All Important … Stock Option Trading – Starting Out […]

We did not get an extension of the USD’s strength from from the NFP revision on Friday. This offered a buying opportunity for the EUR/USD. Fibs and Pivots were essential for both the European and New York Sessions today. LIVE FOREX TRAINING | EVERYDAY! Related Posts: FOREX Non-Farm Payrolls – August 3, 2007 FOREX […] This is an intro to our Alerts service we offer for less active traders. We also offer an elite service fore more active traders looking for better research, updates on unusual options activity and direct access to a professional trader. Related Sites Forex Trading Secrets Exposed – 3 Lessons From Professional Forex … OptionSIZZLE […]

Watch the setup a short trade on the GBPJPY 30 Minute chart with exact entry price, protective stop and three profit targets. Related Posts: GBPJPY Forex Review from Friday June 12, 2009 FOREX VIDEO REVIEW: London Session June 3, 2009 Learn Forex ChartSetup, Fibonacci Forex Trading FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – October […]

Learn about options with the Option Play Books from Paul Brittain of Master the 19 primary option trading strategies for trading options on commodity futures contracts. Related Sites Choosing The Right Forex Trading Strategy For You Is All Important … Pages from playbooks « Larry the Free Software Guy ETF DAILY NEWS » Bloomberg […] Learn to Trade Stocks From the Experts. Why getting an expert stock trading course of proven technical analysis techniques and chart patterns and focusing on only a few may be the fastest way to learn how to trade stocks, futures, and forex pairs. Related Sites Futures Forex Trading | Forex Trading Pairs | […] Unusual option activity often leads price movements in the stock. In last nights video I go over the unusual option call buying ahead of Ann Taylor Stores Corp (ANN) earnings with buyers buying large blocks of the March 15 calls at .40 cents. (ANN) reported better than expected earnings, which shot the stock price […] I walk you through the trade we jumped into on Friday, with the unusual call activity and technicals pointing to a move higher Related Sites USDCAD Technicals for July 27th | Forex Tutorial Online

Watch me day trading forex live with my 3SMA forex trading system! Visit my website at Related Posts: Forex LIVE trade – FOREX TRADING – 24th april setups FOREX TRADING – trendline breakout trade FOREX VIDEO – New York Session Review – February 18, 2010 Exact Trading live trading Forex review – Veterans […]