Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

I’m 18 Through years of age, except a few thousand, actually trying to find alternative ways to ensure financial stability in the side of a good race. O? Do talk about the investment? N in actions before, but not quite sure what I’m doing. ? A qu? site be? at the best for me? to […]

There are many ways to skin a cat. Some option traders take no sides, they chose to fight battles they can win and win by a great probability on their side. Why risk money on directional trades like buying stock? Buying stocks is inherent with downside risk and one mistake and it all ends in […]

How to Hedge Index options trading- Protecting Profits and Trading Capital Its a well known secret for fund and portfolio mangers. Fund Managers regularly spend a portion of their trading portfolio protecting against eventual losses in case the markets drop suddenly causing pain and havoc to their portfolios. Its called portfolio insurance, and its like […]

Where is my Santa Claus Rally? I want to know. Its all discussed endlessly this year. Today the market broke out from its strong Flag like pattern formed since December 5, 2011. Take a look here. We talked about it last night in the daily video. The market tried to rally last week and ended […]

The market just crossed a major hurdle the 1300 level for the first time since August 1 2011 almost five months after that horrible Summer. The trend is not visible to most untrained eyes. Take a look here is this a channel? Was it visible earlier ? No. That is what happens when data is […]

The description couldn’t be better as Scott Blier founder of create Capital says “ Ben Bernanke is like Pavlov and Wall Street is like Pavlov’s dog”. The dog is trained to respond the way the master rings the bell. As long as Bernanke is there to pick up the pieces, the market is there to […]

Market trading on European Politics The market has been fleeced by whats coming out of Europe. Its been months one thing after another which keeps nagging the market trajectory. The situation seems to get better and than it reverses back to bad and the headlines keeps driving the market. Basically its the Europe headlines the […]