Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Dan Sheridan of CBOE fame coined the phrase ” Time Bomb Butterfly” few years ago. Now its like a normal phrase on the Internet. I get get asked all the time do you trade any time bomb butterflies ? Yes we do, in fact we learned the ” craft” from Dan Sheridan in many ways. […]

The stock market seems to swoosh past many investors these day as it clears the resistance of 200 day moving averages. Now investors are chasing the bus literally. It has gone past them quickly. Last year was no picnic in the park , but this year is turning out to be much fair to the […]

Shares of Netflix have rebounded 40 percent in just 5 session in 2012. Why? There is a  story behind it. The worst performing stock of 2011 that dropped from 300 to 67 in just under 3 month period is now making a comeback. You know in stock market the memories are on short lease. Those […]

The above is display chart of the trade when it was placed. Its has changed quite a bit now,because the stock ran up 25-30 points over the holidays. Happy New Year. Our FREE trade posted here on this site few days ago below is now closed. The stock ran up 30 points over the holidays, […]

Happy New year to you. Lets see how 2012 goes. Last year was no bed of roses as far as trading goes. One of the most difficult years I have seen in stock market. But we still made out well. There is no doubt had we had a better stock market to trade we would […]