Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

First quarter of the year is nearly over. Here comes the part Window Dressing !  Fund managers, Hedge funds, and miscellaneous investors on wall street are invigorating their windows by selling off some the stocks and buying some which have fallen by the way side. The quarter should look very good because the stock market […]

Just a little not much.. This the intraday chart on SPX, please click to enlarge. The market is certainly pulling back here and the upside momentum is on hold. SPX is down 12 points and RUT down 11.5 at this writing. The stochastic is showing a curve at the top in lower pane on daily […]

The market is up relentlessly. The SPX has been up relentlessly for 10 session so far as you can see in the chart. Please click to enlarge. Everything is up with it from the opening bell. Notice on the chart how we are in the upper range of the Regression channel on the daily charts. […]

Despite high gas prices and other constraints on the economy stocks rallied hard towards fresh highs. The reason : News, good news.  the economy is still in shambles and delicately poised to lose steam if gas and oil prices keep hovering higher. But the stock market is rallying hard driven by the news. Click on […]