Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Having difficulty getting in and out of SPX orders? Frustrated with executions? Calling your order desk and debating them only to hear that you to need execute orders at the bid and ask prices ? What a bunch on nonsense that is. Well you are not alone. If you are going to trade SPX, RUT […]

The market is in the hands of bears today.They have an upper hand. No use fighting this. We have been talking about it for most of this month. We know what is causing it. Let me recap the same thing again. It was war drums that spiked Oil futures and the gas prices went to […]

The market is selling off. All major indexes are down 1 or 1.5 percent and VIX has jumped up 1.5 points. Most of the leaders are under pressure and they are down from $5 to $15 at the moment. The sell off may continue here, unless we pull up over 1400 on SPX and close […]