Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

The stock has been in a long term consolidation range since 2008. Recently broke out from the upper range at 650ish or so. Now the churning at the top is indicative of a Megaphone chart pattern which could lead to lower prices. That means GOOG will dive back into the channel here and go sideways […]

Here is a chart of AAPL ” the Greatest stock of all times” and its hard reversal yesterday. The stock broke out from a Cup shaped pattern and than reversed hard disappointing many investors who expected this thing to climb higher. The forces of buyers and short sellers resulted in a 20 point downward move  […]

Just after one year from Steve Jobs resignation as CEO the company he founded in 1976 has become the most valuable stock of all times. With a market cap of $623 billion as of today’s close, it has surpassed all time record held by Microsoft for $619 billion in 1999 at the height of dot […]

Here is an example of mighty GOOG stock as it trades. Knowing the technical picture is important.  The upper range and the lower range and how the stock may behave. Looking at GOOG we see the stock is consolidating in a long term range for the last four years since March 2008. The stock has […]

Feds didn’t provide what the market needed after yesterdays FOMC meeting. The market was looking for some gift, some drug  as it is dependent on it for continued uplift and its mood, instead it got a muted response from the Feds. They did however say they will provide assistant if needed, and closely monitoring the […]