Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

The reason is very simple, third quarter ending in few days, window dressing and major holiday tomorrow. One of the Fed officials Charles Plosser decried that QE3 may not work as effectively in his speech today. If you want to believe in Fed speak, that QE3 is not going to work, that is OK. But […]

Here are some bullish charts for this week. The move in GOOG my have been over as it nears its top. There is an exhaustion gap and and its also hitting Bollinger bands hard. GOOG had very good run in the last 2 weeks and still in an uptrend, unless broken. Please click on charts […]

Its become a tradition to sell this stock off before any new major product launches. As you know Apple’s  new Iphone debuts on  September 12, 2012.  This is nothing new, the sell off  has happened before, and its happening for this product launch.  As we look at this Intraday chart on $AAPL the downward trend […]