Monday, January 22nd, 2018

The market awaited AAPL’s earning with so much nervousness. The stock stalled 2 days ago and the buying dried up. Usually AAPL moves up during earnings and the run up and euphoria towards a great earnings report is always bidding investors for higher prices. This time with the market in correction there was no euphoria […]

The SPX is down 10 points but AAPL is up 14 points.That is something to consider given the fact AAPL has earnings due this week. AAPL also has a mini iPAD unveiling on October 23 2012. There is plenty of reason for this stock to go higher. Those who short here do so at their […]

Slow earnings from GOOG, MCD, and GE created a genuine reason to sell this market off. But what exactly is happening here? Lets backtrack from yesterday. GOOG was very extended from its run from July 17th till October 5th without any breaks. This stock was moving upwards without any relief. It remained overbought for 3 […]

These two stocks are still below their 50 day moving averages. They are under the control of shorts. Shorts keep tearing down any stock below the 50 day moving average, till someone comes along and lift them above it. That is where the funds, money managers and a host of investors take positions. The stock […]

Apple has formed a trading range between 646  above and supported by 625 trend line below. The stock has been consolidating in this area since its 10 % correction earlier this month. With its earnings due on October 25, 2012 the stock may show some resurgence and run up. Unless AAPL breaks the upper trend […]

SPX is buoyed by QE3 and is headed higher so far . All eyes are on the monthly job report tomorrow and the expectation is 113,000 jobs added with an unemployment rate stuck at 8.1 percent. In the event of a non horrible job number the market should move higher because its oversold. Last week’s […]