Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

  The market continued with its momentum but falling short of getting the 50 day moving average. Fiscal cliff comments again jolted the stocks but the market shrugged it off. The GDP numbers came pretty decent a 2.7 percent growth and the unemployment claims at 393,000 that gave a initial boost to the SPX and […]

AAPL has been on the move and has come up to 590 where it is trying to go up against its 200 day moving average at 598.  AAPL is now forming an ascending triangle as with the chart above. That is intraday and bullish in nature. We intend to continue with AAPL till 650 or […]

The gap down today scared many investors at the open it was a continuation move from yesterdays Fiscal Cliff comments. Some stocks opened with a scary gap like AAPL. the good thing is the day ended with great closes in PCLN and GOOG both registering big gains. There were many stocks participating the the rally […]

All bad markets are followed by good markets, time and again. It can be the end of it if they didn’t. Those tall beautiful skyscrapers in lower Manhattan with people bustling in and out with massive lobbies and gold plated handles would be empty. The stock market is what pays for that lifestyle of power […]

  Since the start of New Year stocks have been barreling to the upside killing bears and short sellers alike in a hurry. The shorts have disappeared completely. The earning season is also reaping rewards. Most S&P 500 companies have hit high marks this month and continue to dazzle institutional buyers. AAPL, NFLX and others […]

The financial markets have spoken their opinion about the Tuesdays election very clearly in simple easy terms: Massive sell offs. The Wall Street and the people who run this stock market have also spoken via a normal public relations channel called relentless sell offs. There should be no doubt in your mind what they mean […]

The down trend in AAPL continues. The stock hit its 200 day moving average twice already but there is no sharp bounce. Part of the reason is the market has been shut down for 2 days in row due the storm Sandy. New York where the hub of trading lies has been dead and underwater. […]