Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Market uptrend is still intact as you can see in this video. The individual stocks are not in uptrend specially the biggest stock AAPL that dragged the Nasdaq down with it. There were technical and tax reasons and news that blasted a furious move to the downside. The stock opened with a gap and was […]

The stock has broken all supports today. The 21 day moving average and now the 50% Fibonacci retracemnet levels not shown in video. The uptrend from the reversal of 11/16 is now broken to the downside. AAPL failed to capture the 200 day moving average in this Fiscal Cliff fiasco and lost momentum to the […]

In this video we examine who are the biggest holders of AAPL and what are the buying and selling trends. Fidelity Management are the biggest holders of the stock and about 4.58% of the AAPL stock. There has been some interesting buying and selling trends in the stock also. Take a look what Tim Cook […]

This is an overbought market that failed to catch the 50 day moving average. The reversal yesterday didn’t extend heavily into the market and it still finished above 1407 the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement levels. The next stop is 1392 the 38.2 % level. Most leading stocks finished where they and down a bit but AAPl […]

Please click bottom right to view full screen The Fibonacci analysis is sometime very helpful to determine the levels of retracement’s in the markets. SPX and the markets simply don’t go up straight. Take a look at this video in addition today’s video. This could be a move to the downside. At least caution is […]

SPX tried to penetrate 50 day moving average and was rejected. That is normal, it will make another attempt. The gap open in early session didn’t have enough commitment from the bulls. The move faded almost immediately. From there on it was all downhill towards the close with lower lows and lower highs. Most of […]