Monday, December 18th, 2017

Two weeks ago all the bears were out predicting the end of this market. A 10% correction or 5% correction was inevitable. So it seemed that way at least emotionally. But the charts held the secret to the ball that is moving up and down all the time. A closer look would have told you […]

Irony is the word. The market in general couldn’t be more stronger now as it retraces back to 2007 highs where it floundred earlier in the month. All the indexes are back up, and RUT is making back to its 50 day, line in a nice clean sweep. But one stock AAPL is still not […]

After yesterdays close of the SPX and RUT with huge engulfing red candles, the market came back strong from the open and regained most of the ground. As it has been the case lately, all selling or dips are met with a bid to the upside. SPX lead the way retracing 61.8 % of the […]

We are about to take out 2007 highs. After a scary job report last Friday bulls are back with solid push to the upside as you can see in the indexes. The job report was bad overall, but the Feds are on the side of bulls. The printing presses are running overtime and the QE4 […]

GOOGLE is the biggest stock there is in the whole universe of stocks. It is an 800 ib Gorilla in the room. Biggest means the price numerator and its price action. The stock is a mover , it doesn’t stays quietly, it moves 10-15 points on a given day and unless you have the stomach […]

Yesterday we showed you the market divergences taking place in RUT the small caps and IYT etf  which is based off Dow Jones Transports. Both those weakenss spread to SPX and DOW itself and the whole market went down in controlled sell off. One of the things to note is that $VIX has not shot […]

The market is making historic highs, the DOW is at the highest and now SPX is also challenging the 2007 highs set before the financial crisis of 2008 took hold of this country and the sheer devastation that took place. All those economic worries, those hard years and near death of the stock market is […]