Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Ahhh I dont think so. Time will tell, the pattern is not complete yet, and may take several days of trading to be claimed as properly formed H&S. Once formed you will see if this pattern breaks below the neckline or not or fails. The patterns itself is not a guranteed bear market omen, its […]

The action for the last 3 days has been nothing but bearish. SPX lost its 1700 levels and ended up at the 21 day support. NDX and RUT also followed but the damage was limited. The Fed talk and the easing of QE bond buying may have traders worried. The loose talk came from several […]

GOOG is the king of all stocks and 900 lb heavy duty boulder of a stock. It is far more difficult to trade these 900 dollar stocks for many of us. Today I couldn’t pull the trigger with Peter Reznicek of  Host as he skillfully traded GOOG  at the  break out above 900. If […]