Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

As the quarter ended major stocks took a dive. GOOG, PCLN, CMG, NFLX, AMZn all dived to their respective moving averages and the profits were sucked out of the rising stars, and taken to book gains at the end of the quarter. Strange things happen towards the month end, but this was by far the […]

Feds keeps the same momentum going and the market keeps moving higher. Feds policy may change if the unemployment rates drop below 6.5% but that is not there yet. Friday saw some selling in big names like PCLN, GOOG, NFLX all to the detriment of bulls. Even though the market direction is still to the […]

Market swung higher after Russian strongman Putin eased some of the tensions out of Ukraine invasion over the weekend. We had a very bad opening Monday as the market painted a crimson candle, but the press conference by Vladimir Putin eased the tensions and market catapulted higher next day as if there was no tomorrow. […]

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. Markets move when there is a War. Wars scare people and traders alike. This is always expected and always a known fact. Mondays plunge was well known ahead of time. The events of the weekend definitely moved the markets both ways. Monday was down on concerns that […]