Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Hard to tell unless we get confirmation. Stocks like GOOGL, PCLN, NFLX and CMG all moved higher today after bouncing off 200 day moving averages or support lines.Everything is now governed by the downward trend lines. Unless broken the direction will remain to the downside.

The earning season is upon us for the next month. Some bullishness has crept back in the market. It looks like we have made a low on April 14 th in the SPX and may continue with the bullish momentum for now. GOOG had its share of miss in this quarter but hardly dropped down […]

Without much bad news the sell off is usually suspect. One week before, the unemployment report created a sell off and the market seemed to recoup from that, and for a few good trading days, the action to the upside or the bounce was faded by the bears. The current key supports in SPX, NDX […]