Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Last week of December and the market still swinging higher. Low volumes all across the board and that is normal . Lets see what 2015 brings. This is the last video of the year for us. Take a look..

The V shaped recovery is here. It took out all the latest selling and recovered in 3 sessions what was lost. Balance of the year should be good. watch for the Fib levels on chart that is where it is headed.

This pull back is healthy and should be looked at an opportunity to launch bullish positions when its done. I would be happy to see a Santa Clause rally and a Happy New Years with some bang. Looks like we may get it. Enjoy the video.

The SPX continues to grind higher in extremely overbought conditions. Its nearing the top channel as you can see and break will come for the bears. Right now its riskier to initiate any longs. Those on the sidelines are safe and cash can be a good alternative for a position. Major stocks are taking a […]