Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Monday was a day of reversal. The selling stopped and bulls took control reversing the market to the upside. Take a look. This is a reversal.

click to enlarge charts After consolidation for  while FB now breaking new highs. Stock overbought, may pullback here

Click to enlarge charts After nearly a month long consolidation we are seeing a break above the trend line on this classical bull flag channel. This is a bullish channel that will be bidded towards higher prices no doubt. A starter position would for AAPL bulls would be good.

Click to enlarge charts One day SPX blasts and than gets slammed. this is not  a healthy behavior. No follow through or containment in the first 23.6% of Fibonacci levels. All the gains are wiped. This sounds more bearish than bullish , unless we play this again on Monday. For now sidelines are the best […]

click to enlarge charts SPX very strong bouncing off its 100 day moving average and the rising trend line- classic text book example. The bear party is perhaps in the last hours. Closing time.

SPX at home below the 50 day moving average. Dont know if they will crash the trend line also (Click to enlarge charts) Not quite touching the 50 day line. Maybe another day or two of selling?  

Nothing goes up all the time, neither this market. So far we are having a healthy pullback that should present us with more opportunities to get long positions in next week or so. Take a look..

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