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3 Vital Clues to Discover Your Option Trading Strategies

If you want that the commerce of options on action, then you must know to some strategies option few commercial ones. For it first we must know what is an option. An option is " financial instrument derivado". It is dealt mainly with the establishment of a contract between two clients and the purchase or sale of assets talks about to. This becomes within a frame of specific time and in a fixed price of reference. The sale or buys of one or a more put option and mainly underlying position is known like " strategy of opción". These strategies can be favorable to the underlying one that she is neutral, bearish or bullish. Several options and the future bags of list of several " contracts standardized of opciones" that they are used in the commerce of options. The symbol helps to locate to the prices and listings. How the parts to realise transactions? They do it with the aid of the interchange, that publishes the markets in direct and continuous for the price of the options. Since the change is the intermediary for both parts, this operation takes to its benefit. The system of negotiation of options is a way to make a pile of money if you know you regulate. Here there are three essential ways in which it can benefit from his option of commerce. To buy Puts OptionsThis is one of the easiest ways of strategies of negotiation of values option. If his runner has to him authorized, can use this strategy, even in an account WRATH. For it is necessary to select a first population that I suppose that she will be lower in the prices. This option has a limited risk, since you must pay only until " cost of the option of venta". For example, we say of file and has a price by action of U.S. $ 50. Everything what you need to do is to buy an option of sale of this population with the date of lapsing of two months with " price of ejercicio" of $ 50. If the action falls within that term, its option of sale will be of $ 10 the value of each action. Purchase of Bear Ponga SpreadThe option commerce system also gives the opportunity to make use of this strategy. This he is a little more complicated than the purchase of sale options, but the benefits also are multiple. Although the reduction of its risk, this strategy option increases its benefits. This strategy is used when you buy two options of sale that have victory in the same month. In this case, you buy one to a price of exercise that is realised while you sell the other to a price of lower exercise. For it, it is important to choose an action that is sure that the fall in the value. The risk is limited solely at the cost of " extension puesta". Married PutWhen it uses a sale option married, also is known him like " strategy of cobertura". In this case, the purchase of an action that is had the certainty will increase at the same time in value and, also to buy a sale option. This reduces the risk of loss due to any adverse condition of market. For the most benefitted from this strategy it is necessary to know the businesses that they appreciate in the bearish markets. The following step is to select the suitable existence and to buy them. After to buy a sale option, which will help him to limit its risks. He is better to learn the commerce options before becoming jumbled in the negotiation of options. These three are some of the best strategies of negotiation of options to make money in the stock market.

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