Saturday, June 27th, 2015

4. Day Trading Lesson 4: The Basics of Charts The fourth lesson in a series on technical analysis for day traders of the forex, futures, and stock markets. The tool of the day trader when analyzing the forex, futures, or stock markets is the price chart. Very simply a price chart is a chart showing the movement of the price of a financial instrument over a chosen time. Most charts will allow a wide variety of time frames to be displayed and the time frame that day traders choose to use varies widely and depends on each traders trading style. In general, longer term traders will focus on daily time frames and above, and shorter term traders will focus on intraday charts such as hourly or 15 minute charts. Many traders will also use a combination of time frames in order to get a full picture of what price has been doing by, for instance, looking first at a longer term daily chart, then moving to an hourly chart, and then finally to a 15 minute chart.

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