Sunday, August 13th, 2017

5. Day Trading Lesson 5: Support and Resistance The fifth lesson in a series on technical analysis for active traders of the forex, futures, and stock markets. Just as anything where market forces are at play, the price of a financial instrument in the stock, futures or forex markets is ultimately determined by supply and demand. Very simply, if demand is increasing in relation to supply then price will rise, and if demand is decreasing in relation to supply then price will fall. As we have learned in previous lessons, what you are basically looking at when you see an uptrend on a chart is an extended period of time where demand has continued to increase in relation to supply. Similarly when looking at a downtrend you are seeing an extended period of time where demand has decreased in relation to supply for an extended period of time, causing price to fall. Similarly, in a downtrend, demand is continuously falling in relation to supply which causes the price of an instrument in the stock, futures or forex market to fall. In this lesson we are going to look at something known as support and resistance which are price levels where the supply demand equation is expected to change, and price is then expected to stop moving in the direction it was moving previously, or reverse direction.

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