Thursday, August 25th, 2016

7. Day Trading and Investing: Charting Patterns Lesson 1 The first lesson in a series on chart patterns for traders and investors in the stock market, futures market, and forex market.


25 Responses to “7. Day Trading and Investing: Charting Patterns Lesson 1”
  1. angelenaorlandivbs says:

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  2. Cresnei says:

    hello Dave, Im a young trader and im taking your lessons as my basis for technical analysis, it would be great if you could help me showing where can i find in your videos the definitions or aplications of technical indicators.. thanks for your videos..

    Best trades to you, Santiago.

  3. LitheInvestments says:

    Double tops & double bottoms are good speculative plays, add to the position if the theory holds and this can be profitable.

  4. FreeFOREXautoROBOT says:

    Great video,informative. But I prefer Free EA

  5. zhinghur says:

    Great video. Awesome. Thanks a tonne for sharing !!!

  6. williamgen28 says:

    Hello May I ask what time frame is this?

  7. PedroMiguelAntunes says:

    Not supposed to buy when it going down and sell when it set up?

  8. SadeTabitha says:

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  9. stevenperry209 says:

    WAIT…he said there would be sell offs in both cases?

  10. LordoftheJamesClan says:

    i never would have guess that that was what was happening on my own w/ the double top/bottom

  11. ayapsone says:

    What are u talking about ….this fundamentals.You do ur practice or try real after learning. Atleast contribute information, dont be dump.

  12. Joebrown1111 says:

    I think David is doing a great job. We shouldn’t criticize with his work. It did help me a lot as a novice trader when I started trading few years ago. Thanks David for all the free info. Keep up the good work.

  13. graveyard909 says:

    To be frankly, these videos doesn’t help and make worse when people believe your theories. Because these theories were all PAST, not future. If you want to teach or help new investors, tell them with the half chart, which means, the chart that doesn’t appear to be double top or double bottom, still in progress and take action, BUY or SELL? NOT just speak from chart, but do it LIVE, then you are real, or you are just lame.

  14. darthstarwarsgeek says:

    I was referring to certainty in trend forecasting.

    You make some very good points, thanks again for your intelligent and thought out responses.

  15. navesele says:

    Well, again, there is no certainty in how much you are going to win. The only two things you totally have control over are 1) the entry point of your trade and 2) risk management, where your protective stop is. You must know where your protective stop must be and what your profit target is BEFORE you enter the trade. So these are all known things. What is unknown is the amount of profit. But risk and potential loss are known.

  16. darthstarwarsgeek says:

    Yeah I’m now getting it. There are no certainty in trading whatsoever, just degrees of probability. Thanks for taking the time to answer my Qs.

  17. navesele says:

    Sellers do not short-sell TO drive a price down. Sellers are trying to get on a down-move of the down trend, or a down-move in the price action. However, there is something called “self fulfilling prophecy”, when many traders, by doing the same thing, move the price one or the other direction by sheer volume.

  18. navesele says:

    What you are missing is that there are no absolute indicators that will tell you exactly what you want to know. But a double top, or bottom, indicates stronger resistance or support, than one top or bottom. Ideally we want to avoid trying to pick a top, so there is no such thing as “a single bottom strategy”. The more times the price touches a support or a resistance level, the more confident we are whether it is a support/resistance level or a retrace from the previous movements.

  19. darthstarwarsgeek says:

    So does the double top or bottom establish Resistance and Support or is it already factored into the market? Also why just two runs, why wouldn’t buyers make a third, forth or fifth attempt to break through the Resistance level (or is a double just a strong indicator)?

  20. wa7sh999 says:

    great video

  21. Shawn1440936 says:

    So, with a double bottom, sellers are short-selling to drive the price down? and with a double-top buyers are trying to drive the price higher!? What is this logic?

  22. lucidtraveler says:

    Hi Dave, very good lessons, well explained.

    I picked out charts for 2 different stocks and an index (FXP, DIG, $COMPX) on market close on 11/13 to illustrate this question: they look almost identical!!!! I know they should be somewhat related, but all the time I thought that I could be shorting a fund of Chinese companies (just turn the FXP chart upside down) or buying into oil and gas; but compare the charts, they are practicallly identical! How can it be?

  23. GreenDukey says:

    Chart patterns… BOING

  24. Linck333 says:


  25. InformedTrades says:

    thanks for the comment I am glad you liked it. Best Regards, Dave

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