Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

85. Forex Trading – Characteristics of the Main Currencies

www.informedtrades.com A lesson on the main currencies of the world which trade actively 24 hours a day in the forex market.

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10 Responses to “85. Forex Trading – Characteristics of the Main Currencies”
  1. exanchorite says:

    Great videos. . . thanks

  2. InformedTrades says:

    Hi Exanchorite, my pleasure thank you for the comment I am glad you like the videos. Best Regards, Dave

  3. lofa912 says:

    The second largest econom? To be? To China with a GDP of 7 trillion d? Lares. C? Mo forever? Why? can not change its currency as a pair (China-United States)? I enjoy your videos and I’m learning a lot. I’m in the # 85 and I want to find? these videos before you invest months of my own time the investigation? n the currency and the economy? to global

  4. jono2690 says:

    Hi Dave, Great vids. Thanks for all your useful info. I’m just starting to get into Forex and know very little but I have 1 question. I’ve seen LOADS of forex software claiming to make money on auto pilot. Do any of these actually work or are they all just a pile of useless poo?

    Thanks in advance, Jono

  5. Dmystifier says:

    i have the same problem or question. i found this software called steinzrobottrade but i seriously wonder if it is worth the investment. still i would never stop learning because some software would do the trade for me automatically

  6. feeneyr1 says:

    I think it can not negotiate the yuan is not a currency because of flotation? N free, its parity with the d? Lar

  7. freedomfightertwo says:

    The central bank’s sound monetary policy? That’s BS what you said there. The Bank of England is a private criminal bank that create’s money out of thin air and charges interest on money that doesn’t exist. They are raping the British people! That central bank need’s to be shut down and all of the shareholders arrested for fraud and treason!

  8. freedomfightertwo says:

    Sound banking system? I wouldn’t put my money in UBS. They are totally insolvent. And the only reason why Switzerland is even on the map is because of those secret bank accounts of every drug dealer and two-bit dictator around the world.

  9. freedomfightertwo says:

    The EE.UU custom the greatest economy for a long time. They are totally insolvent, thanks to the penitentiary of the Federal Reserve. They have destroyed the economy and is only time question before the dollar collapses EE.UU from the weight of him is passive. Like the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve (private bank) must be closed and all the shareholders arrested by fraud and treason to the mother country.

  10. fashion20121 says:

    Invest in forex and earn money.

    Remove spaces w w w

    w w w? . youtube. com/watch?v=8UkDrT4F_ ag?

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