Sunday, August 7th, 2016

95. How Trading on Margin Works A lesson on what trading on margin is and how this applies when trading the forex market. For active traders and investors seeking to learn how to trade the currency market.

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8 Responses to “95. How Trading on Margin Works”
  1. lofa912 says:

    FXCM___ROLL_OVER? _ RATES_ If the type of interest of the currency that it bought (dollars to buy/JPY) is superior to the interest rate of the currency that you sell, then you you will win to rollover (roll positive).

  2. lofa912 says:

    So the interest rate in USA is 2% and Japan is . 5% so I’ll get 1. 5% return on long trades, right?
    FXCM doesn’t post or state their roll over (swap rates) so IS this the formula?
    Currency interest rate- (Pair) other Currency interest rate= +/- rate
    So the AUD/US is a great LONG once the 60min chart looks like a buy???

  3. InformedTrades says:

    the f? formula is based on the argument that you have given here?, but because it is an instrument of trade and because there is no supply and demand and the actual rate will vary. When you est? in the FXCM platform by clicking the quotes window and select “simple negotiation rates? n” renovation rates? n are not published for each currency pair. Remember that as markets anticipate? that while the rate of renovation? n for the AUD / USD is good also? n is important to note the interest rate expectations? s

  4. logistix1111 says:

    How can I day trade? I mean, how can I buy and sell the same stock 10 times in the same day? Margin just lets me buy MORE, it does not let me buy and sell a bunch of times in the same day.

  5. fpstina says:

    currency pairs move up and down frequently during the day? a. as it rises and falls during the day? to, you can buy, close, sell, close, buying, close, etc. . est? s correct that the m? margins s? change the purchasing power and not the frequency.

  6. anki79 says:

    you need to have a daytrading account, meaning you need 25,000 or more, there are other ways to do this but you need to research

  7. vuyou123 says:

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  8. afide26 says:

    hats off to your efforts man. I have been trying to understand trading especially with forex and you have been able to demystify it for me, so much that it arms me now with knowledge to make informed decisions about this market.

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