Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

A Road Map For Small Investors — Stock Trading Analysis (23)


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    4 Responses to “A Road Map For Small Investors — Stock Trading Analysis (23)”
    1. Bnhappyworld says:

      Hallo,Mr,stockfessor, with solid facts and wise advicess to your video are more worthful to us ,esp small speculators ,thank you ,let the selfish and mean record company sleeps to death with their music.disgraceful to set up a music company for not sharing the beauty of sound.

    2. stockfessor says:

      Did you see the pink notice below the screen?
      The record company forbids me to use their song. So Youtube just deletes all the sound from my video.
      Sorry, you just have to read my printed essay next to the screen.
      I can make another video to replace this one. Given limited time, I’d rather make more new videos with no music from now on.

    3. lti12 says:

      wtf? no sound

    4. GoldenFireReviews says:

      Thanks, cool way to say what you say.

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