Saturday, January 14th, 2017

A Word of Advice: Do Not Think, React in Stock Market

I here? another example of c? mo futures trading are very different from everything else? s in life. As far as possible by others who taught them? Aa think first, and then react. In futures trading with a warning to follow, which are often much better to react first and then think m? S later. The warning is: this s? It is true if you have developed and est? implementing a thoughtful business plan. If you decide you will exit a trade in particular if a certain set of criteria is met in the stock market, then that is exactly what you need done. The chain of events that led to his exit criteria to be met are completely irrelevant. While they can be analyzed later? S of the facts to get information? N that can help in the future, not be allowed to convince to do something when you know you should? As well be doing something else. For the most? A base level considered a floor trader usually scalp the stock market trying to do two or three ticks of Commerce. Is over 30 T-Bond contracts, when a huge wave? Sales orders hit the trading floor. ? L has two possible courses of action? N: a) walk around and try to find out “why?” a wave of sales that est? occurring b) Start immediately hit bids to exit their long positions If you are a floor trader well and to survive, I choose? b. In other words, you have to react immediately. Every second that passes an? Analysis of the situation? No costs you money in the stock market. If a situation arises? N for which have already determined exactly what to do if s? What that case, get up and do. I do not think (the pens? To know what kind of advice?). If a situation arises? N for which have not been prepared, and have no idea of c? Mo react, and then think t? Terms of hazard control. Question? Efore “? Cu? Them are my options and cu? L is the least likely to produce a great p? Loss?” Then do it.

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