Thursday, February 9th, 2017

AAPL , PCLN charts

These two stocks are still below their 50 day moving averages. They are under the control of shorts. Shorts keep tearing down any stock below the 50 day moving average, till someone comes along and lift them above it. That is where the funds, money managers and a host of investors take positions. The stock runs from there on.


The stock is now above the 646 trend line and bouncing off it, keeping its gains from yesterdays 13 point move. The stock has 50 day moving average at 660 and will find resistance there.  The stock has earnings on October 25, and usually the stock runs higher towards the earnings.

Click to enlarge charts.



This stock is also below its 50 day line and struggling to regain it. It keeps getting shorted at 607-609 area where it has its 50 day moving average . The shorts have been at it for last few days. They pushed it down to 585 but it reversed and now bouncing off 600 psychological barrier. As long as it stays above 600 it will go higher.

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