Friday, December 9th, 2016


The SPX is down 10 points but AAPL is up 14 points.That is something to consider given the fact AAPL has earnings due this week. AAPL also has a mini iPAD unveiling on October 23 2012. There is plenty of reason for this stock to go higher. Those who short here do so at their own risk. Please click to enlarge charts:

PCLN on the other has dropped 40 points since the last 2 session and is now supported at 560 levels and forming a base. The longer the stock lingers here the more the chances of it bouncing higher. It is way oversold at this point and has been in a down trend since October 5 when it closed at 631. If 560 is broken than it may drop to levels unknown.


GOOG on the other hand has dropped enough in last 2 sessions but is stable here at 675 levels and is not selling off. Which only means it will attempt to go higher after a few days or in a general up market.


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